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In 1949, the Rotary International Board adopted the slogan "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth" as an expression of commitment to children and youth in each community in which Rotary clubs exist. Serving young people has long been an important part of the Rotary program.


Youth service projects take many forms around the world.  Rotarians sponsor Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, athletic teams, centres for disabled children, school safety patrols, summer camps, orphanages, recreation areas, safe driving clinics, county fairs, child-care centres, and children's hospitals.  Many clubs provide vocational counselling, establish youth employment programs, and promote the use of The 4-Way Test.  Increasingly, drug/alcohol abuse prevention and AIDS awareness projects are being supported by Rotarians.


In every instance, Rotarians have an opportunity to be role models and mentors for the young people of their community.  One learns to serve by observing others.  As our youth grow to become adult leaders, it is hoped each will achieve that same desire and spirit to serve future generations.


It is the responsibility of each Rotarian to prepare the New Generations - all young people up to the age of 30 - by improving their life skills to ensure a better future, while recognising the diversity of their needs.  All clubs and districts are encouraged to undertake projects that support the fundamental needs of the New Generations: health, human values, education, and self-development.

Along with all the Youth Programs that can be seen on Rotary District 9675 website the Rotary Club of St Marys also are involved with the following projects:


During the 2015 – 2016 Rotary year, after preliminary discussions with Leiza Lewis, Principal of Erskine Park High School, it was agreed that our club should partner with the school and sponsor a public speaking competition for the school’s year 9 students. After a number of meetings with the Principal and teachers, the competition commenced in August 2016 with students delivering their initial presentation. These presentations lead to a semi-final in September where 6 finalists were identified.

The program continued in 2017 -2018 in the similar

format after a very successful first year.   

In coming years it is expected that the program will

be expanded into include other High Schools

as well as holding a similar event with local primary



Bennett Road Public School

During the 2015 – 2016 Rotary year, discussions with Bennett Road Public School, identified selected students at the school required books. A monetary grant was sought and approved which our club matched dollar for dollar. The money was used to purchase books from the ‘Book in Homes’ Charitable Foundation. These books were obtained in 3 instalments and presented to 10 students at 3 separate school assemblies conducted over the last 12 months.

The relationship with the school has grown over the years and this project is now entering into its thris year with the school children receiving books for their library also.